Made to Measure sheets

There are different sizes of mattresses on the market: sheets are often bought simply asking for a double, single, large single.
Not so! The result can be seen when you dress the bed: sheets that are too large, too small, not suitable, but you are satisfied.
On the other hand, when a sheet is perfect, that is the right size for your mattress, it will be a pleasure!
We select only the best Italian fabrics to make luxury bed linen.
The highly competitive price for the product offered.
If not available we produce it in two weeks, if you measure not listed please request, we will pack them with your specifications.

180x200 Double King Size
170x200 Standard Double
160x200 Small Double
150x200 Double Queen
140x200 French Square and Half
120x200 Square and Half
90x200 Single Maxi
80x200 Single Small

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