Pure Linen Sheets with Hemstitch

Pure Linen Sheets with Hemstitch


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Sheet set in 100% pure linen fabric: it is compact, soft, fresh, natural to the touch.
Variants available in King Size with underlay, underlay with corners, duvet cover, etc.

- TWO PILLOWCASES for Italian standard cushions 50x80cm


100% Pure Italian Linen Sheet Set, made with high craftsmanship, Manifattura Tessile Toscana
Finished to perfection with hemstitch on the top and on the pillowcases, in its simplicity it is the sheet you will love the most.
The pillowcases are three hems: neatly finished, abundant, finished with hemstitch.

Available in various mattress sizes under the corners, or with under-top without corners.

Top sheet with flounce frame on reverse, sewn with hooded corners
Bottom sheet with corners various measures referring to the mattress (width x height, plus the corners which are 30 cm high, even for very deep mattresses)
Two pillowcases for Italian standard cushions 50x80 cm with 3 ruffles

MEASUREMENTS complete fitted sheet:
180x200 King Size double under corners for mattress 180x200 +30 - top sheet 260x290 +2 pillowcases with hems
170x200 Standard double under corners for mattress 170x200 +30 - top sheet 250x290 +2 pillowcases with hems
160x200 Small double under corners for mattress 160x200 +30 - top sheet 240x290 +2 pillowcases with hems
140x200 French square and half under corners for mattress 140x200 +30 - top sheet 220x290 +2 pillowcases with edges
120x200 Italian half square under corners for mattress 120x200 +30 - top sheet 200x290 +1 pillowcase with hems
90x200 Single Maxi bottom with corners for mattress 90x200 +30 - top sheet 160x290 +1 Pillowcase with edges

MEASUREMENTS complete under the top:
King Size double measures 270x290 upside down + 2 pillowcases with hems
Standard double measuring 250x290 upside down + 2 pillowcases with hems
French square and a half measuring 220x290 upside down + 2 pillowcases with hems
Single Maxi measures 180x200 upside down + 1 pillowcase with hems
the under top allows you to dress even oversize mattresses.

MEASUREMENTS duvet cover set in 100% Pure Linen:
Double duvet cover measures 255x240 + 2 pillowcases with hems
Square and Half Duvet Cover measuring 200x240 + 2 Pillowcases with Hems
Single duvet cover measures 155x240 + 1 pillowcase with hems

Having a set of linen sheets is a luxury within everyone's reach. An investment that lasts a lifetime.
Irreplaceable in the summer, you will also love them in the other seasons, they will become more and more beautiful and soft over time.

Linen today relives its youth with great vitality and its popularity grows among young people, here's why:

- Sleeping between linen sheets is Relaxing : it has been scientifically proven that between linen sheets you fall asleep more easily and rest better and more deeply.

- Linen sheets are healthy and hygienic : thanks to its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, it is the ideal fabric for making sheets and linens.
It does not irritate, its fibers do not retain dirt or detergent and limescale residues, nor those of uric acid and ammonia.
With a particular healing effect, it is also used to treat wounds and burns.

- Linen sheets are resistant . Its structural characteristics make it one of the most resistant fabrics over time and wear, which does not lose its shape, leaves no residue and becomes softer over time and repeated washing.

- Ecological. Compared to all textile fibers, flax is the fiber that most respects the environment. Its cultivation preserves the soil, the transformation does not harm the ecosystem and the resulting products are biodegradable.
The linen we use is exclusively MADE IN ITALY

Washing Pure Linen Sheets :
We recommend washing it on a low spin cycle, to avoid drastic creases, with neutral soap and water at 40 C°; the more you wash, the softer and brighter it becomes.
Its brilliance is due to the knots in the linen fiber which reflect the light.
To dry it you can hang it (recommended) or put it in the dryer.
To remove stains....
In the case of stains, just act on the stains when they are still fresh, without resorting to chlorine-based products such as bleach which could cause yellowing.
If the stains are now dry, soak the affected part even with soap and water only,
Then proceed to remove the stain, rub with soap and products based on the stain, soaking for a maximum of 30 minutes.
Then proceed with a wash at 60°.

Ironing pure linen sheets:
It is not necessary to iron these sheets, the beauty of it is that they remain pleasantly crumpled.
Just stretch them on the thread of the clothes well open , and they will stretch while remaining in its pleasant crumpled shape: in the summer, wash, hang out, and put back in bed!

The pleasant scent of linen, linen gives off a feeling of cleanliness, freshness...
However for lovers of precision who want the perfect sheets, I recommend the following:
Iron the fabric while it is still damp, making sure the sole of the iron is clean and smooth.
Double up the sheets across the width, and iron the frill over the embroidery, stretching it slightly.
For the pillowcases, first iron the embroidery, stretching it slightly, then the ruffle around it, and finally from the center of the pillow outwards.
Don't bother ironing, always remember that the more linen is wrinkled, the more alive it is!


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