List of products by brand Manifattura Toscana


Face towel set plus bidet in 300 gsm cotton honeycomb (light but absorbent), white color. Finished with cotton tape, rounded corners. Variant Shower towel and Face + Bidet ITEM: Honeycomb towel set COMPOSITION: 100% cotton DIMENSIONS: face 100x60 guest 40x60 Shower towel 100x160 White color


High-class sheets: soft, compact, smooth, in pure natural cotton, PelleOvo Percale quality, a type of high quality fabric. Pattern with alternating black and white stripes, the intertwining of the threads creates small jacquard checks in black


Various sizes tablecloths in Mistolino Pienza Canvas Fabric, from the Medieval Tele line, jacquard woven with a small rhombus motif, in natural ivory color. Texture and coarse, pleasant effect typical of linen. COMPOSITION: 50% Linen 50% cotton FABRIC: Pienza Mistolino cloth Medieval Jaquard rhombus cloth HEIGHT: 250 gr / sqm FINISH: with matching edge...


Sheets of high-class: soft, compact, natural percale cotton and fabric is of high quality)For those who like to the sheet below without the angles, and to those who want the fitted sheet under the corners but it's just never the right size for your bed, we offer our variants of measures. FABRIC: Percale Pelleovo of 100% Pure Cotton THREAD COUNT: 220


Terry bathroom accessories set with red or beige heart embroidery: towels, pouches for toiletries and guest washcloths. Ideal to give to your friends or relatives. Clutch bag bathroom bag Basket set + 3 washcloths consist of three small towels, The Face + Guest Towel Set in beautiful terry, with a large embroidered heart.